The secrets behind the viral video showing a Ford Fiesta on a zip line to promote Wales Rally GB have been revealed in a new video.

Previous Fiesta zip line story:

Like all good ideas, the zip line plan began as thought over a few drinks, but two years later it actually happened. Its since been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since its release a week ago.

Fiesta Rally Car Zip Line Stunt

Two Dayinsure branded cars were used – one for rally driving elements, and another for the skydriving part of the video, the biggest visual difference being with the wheels. While the final cut of the video clearly showed the two cars, it didn't show the bumpy landing faced by the zip line car when it reached the end of its run down the high speed Zip World Titan.

The full story is now being shown in the #InsideSkydriver film, which offers a behind the scenes look at how it was all put together. It shows previously unseen footage, along with interviews with key members of the ambitious #Skydriver team who devised and filmed the video.

Fiesta Rally Car Zip Line Stunt

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