Tuning firm Mountune is offering owners of the diesel-powered Ford Focus ST a 20 bhp upgrade with its new m460D package.

Delivering 202 bhp to the already fast Ford’s front wheels, the kit shaves 0.7 seconds from the car’s 0-60 mph time, as well as cutting the 31-62 mph time by half a second.

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The company, which specialises in tuning Fords, says the improvements are designed to improve real-world usability and performance, even claiming that its upgrades will make the car smoother without impacting reliability.

“Mountune has been producing market-leading power upgrades for over a decade and this is the first time we’ve been able to unlock the potential in a ST diesel product”, says David Moore, Mountune’s global brand manager. “The standard Focus ST diesel is a great base car, but with the m460D kit installed we’ve been able to make it smoother, quicker and generally even more fun to drive.”

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The basic upgrade costs £350 if it is installed at Mountune’s HQ in Brentwood, Essex, and can only be performed on vehicles with a manual gearbox. The upgrade involves tweaking the engine programming to squeeze more power from its 2-litre capacity, while a Mountune badge and performance calibration are also included in the price.

Customers who don’t wish to travel to Essex, however, can get a DIY version of the kit for £429, which includes a dongle and cable to embed the update into the car’s on-board computers.

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Photo by: Fabio Gemelli