Volkswagen and Waze has your summer sorted.

Volkswagen has teamed up with Waze to help its drivers experience some of the UK's best driving roads.

The 'GTI Superdrives' campaign in association with Waze uses the Google-owned navigation app's driving data to locate 75 of the best driving roads in the country to promote Volkswagen's Golf, Polo, and Up! GTIs.

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The routes are discoverable in-app for a limited time for the rest of the summer and all take into account things like scenery, points of interest, and driving conditions to determine what are the best roads. If you are within 12 miles of one of the routes, users can tap a notification on the app to receive directions to the route.

Volkswagen GTI Superdrives

"Our GTI badge quite simply stands for driving joy. The three GTI models we offer today are among the most engaging cars available not just in the volume market but, in my view, at any price," said Alison Jones, Director of Volkswagen UK. "Working with Waze, we wanted to offer more drivers the chance to get off the often congested ‘beaten track’ and instead experience the simple pleasure of driving once more."

"The aim, very clearly, is about enjoying time behind the wheel – not speeding or driving in a way that increases risk – and we believe that the intelligence of the Waze app helps drivers do just that."

Waze is one of the most popular traffic and navigation apps in the UK, and it also allows users who are not driving to find out more about the Superdrive routes.

Volkswagen GTI Superdrives
Volkswagen GTI Superdrives

"The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a genuine icon and now, with the new Volkswagen Polo GTI and superb up! GTI, more drivers than ever can experience a truly great drive," said Finlay Clark, UK Country Manager for Waze. "Waze has always helped people save time on journeys, now we’re helping people discover great driving roads that are all about joy, not speed. We know that Waze users love to discover great routes, and obviously love the open road, so we can’t wait to see who can be the first to experience all of the GTI Superdrives."

You don't even need a Volkswagen GTI to experience the superdrives, but of course Volkswagen says its cars lend themselves best to the routes, naturally.

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