The Gumball 3000 – a big motorway drive punctuated by parties. Its about raising money for charity, and standing out while doing it.

It takes a lot to stand out though, when you consider that pink Lamborghinis and Batmobiles are the norm on this event. This yeah pop star Usher looks to be the one who's turning heads, with him set to do the entire 3,000 mile rally behind the wheel of a BAC Mono.

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The multiple Grammy-award-winning artist first got behind the wheel of the road-legal single seater on the streets on London on Sunday in Covent Garden for the event's start. This year the rally will cross through Europe and eventually finish in Tokyo, Japan. He met with the team behind the Liverpool-built supercar earlier in the day to get to grips with the machine and was reportedly impressed right away.

Usher takes on the Gumball 3000 in a BAC Mono

"Wow, what a fantastic way to mark the start of Gumball 3000 – which never ceases to amaze year after year," said BAC Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Neill Briggs. "Having one of the greatest musical artists of recent times in Mono was extra special – and hearing just how impressed he was with the car was incredible, too"

"Usher really knows and loves his cars, and they don’t come any better than Mono for pure driving enjoyment – we look forward to getting him behind the wheel again," he added.

Usher takes on the Gumball 3000 in a BAC Mono

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