With the summer holidays in full swing, many motorists will be packing up their cars and heading out on holiday.

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Before they do that though, they'll have to pack up the car. The giant game of Tetris with suitcases can often be a frustrating exercise, so Seat has teamed up with Europe’s first certified KonMari Consultant, Aline Lau, to offer a helping hand.

About 4.7 million Brits are set to drive to their holiday destination this year, whether that be in the UK or Europe, and the KonMari Method is said to make that experience more barable.

Seat shows how to pack a car

The KonMari Method is an organisational technique developed by consultant and author Marie Kondo, which follows simple rules that focus on de-cluttering and keeping only items that 'spark joy' in the car.

The key elements of the KonMari Method are:

  1. De-clutter – Remove any item that you could actually do without – be ruthless with yourself and keep only items that make you happy
  2. Pack smart – Fold and roll clothing to save space in suitcases and put loose items into boxes before loading into the boot
  3. Categorise – Put your essentials within reach in the car and maximise boot space by packing cases vertically
Seat shows how to pack a car

"Life in general is very cluttered in the modern world. We constantly have to go through a de-cluttering process in order to keep a peaceful mind," said Lau. "Many people now adopt Marie Kondo’s mindset in their homes but this is the first time we have used it to pack a car. We will automatically try to take too much with us on vacation but, by separating each item and categorising what we really need, we can be more efficient instead of trying to take everything from our lives with us on holiday.”

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