Swedish driver Blomstedt was leading the race in Bonaldi Motorsport's #32 Lamborghini Huracan with nine minutes of the race remaining, when he got a tap from Lucas Mauron between Pouhon and Fagnes in heavy traffic.

Blomstedt’s car veered right on to the grass and struck the tyres with huge force, injuring four of the marshals present at the adjacent post. 


Three of the marshals did not require hospital treatment, but one could not jump away in time and was hospitalized along with Blomstedt. According to an announcement by series organizer SRO, there are no life-threatening injuries. 

It read: “Four marshals and one rider were injured in the incident. All of them were immediately treated by the circuit's medical staff. A marshal and the driver were transferred to the hospital for medical examination. Their injuries are not life-threatening.”

The positions before the subsequent red flag were taken as the result. Therefore, Blomstedt and teammate Patrick Kujala were declared winners.

The day's programme at the circuit was delayed by an hour and a half as a result of the incident to repair the tyrewall.