Earlier this month, we reported about Land Rover’s plans to introduce its first-ever model outside the SUV and crossover segments. A British magazine then claimed that the project, tentatively named the Road Rover, could get Jaguar’s aluminium-intensive platform that will underpin the new Jaguar XJ.

Now, serving as an indirect confirmation of the rumours comes a new trademark filing for the aforementioned Road Rover nameplate, brought to our attention by our colleagues at AutoExpress. Our wildest imaginations picture a high-riding all-wheel-drive wagon to compete against the Audi A6 Allroad and Volvo V90 Cross Country. Or even a rugged sedan.

More about the Road Rover:

What makes the speculations even more appetising is the rumoured non-conventional powertrain. According to AutoExpress, the Road Rover will be powered by a dual-motor electric system, providing all-wheel-drive capabilities and a range of approximately 300 miles at a single charge. If all the information is correct, the model could become the first-ever production all-electric Land Rover in history.

Of course, a trademark filing doesn’t necessarily mean a new model is already on the drawing board. Sometimes automakers patent potential nameplates just to keep them out of the hands of rivalling brands and trademark squatters. That could very well be the case with the Road Rover name, but we will have to wait at least a couple of months to find out more.

Road Rover Velar Concept

Land Rover's partner Jaguar has a number of patented names it could potentially use in the future. These include the J-Type, J-Pace, and C-Pace monikers, with the first of the three rumoured to be given to a new mid-engine sports car. On the other hand, the C-Pace could be used for a niche coupe-SUV model based on the F-Pace.

As far as Land Rover’s model range is concerned, the Road Rover is rumoured to arrive not before 2020, and about a year later the next-generation Range Rover will make its official debut riding on the new Modular Longitudinal Architecture.