McLaren has revealed the name of its upcoming 'hyper GT car', which until now has been known by its internal codename, the BP23.

The new halo car for the brand, following on from the P1 and the Senna in McLaren's 'Ultimate Series', will be known as the Speedtail. The Woking-based company has said that it will have the highest top speed of any McLaren yet, including the legendary F1 which held the crown of world's fastest car for over 20 years. The Speedtail's top speed of 243 trumps the F1 by 3 mph, while also bettering the P1 and Senna by 26 mph and 32 mph respectively.

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Just 106 Speedtails will be sold, and all have been reserved. Each of the lucky clients had already been informed of what their new big purchase will be called. All of the cars were allocated long before it was officially first announced in November 2016. While it will be unveiled to the public before the end of the year, the 106 customers will be the first to see it, naturally.

The car's design has already been teased in a number of sketches showing flowing and highly streamlined lines. It will incorporate new materials and will have limitless customisation and tailoring possibilities though McLaren's Special Operations Division (MSO).

As well as being the fastest car it has ever produced, McLaren has also promised that the Speedtail will be its most luxurious car to date, making arguably the first proper rival to the Bugatti Chiron. It will have the same three-seat layout as the F1, and a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain much like the P1, making it very much the ultimate road-going McLaren.

Production of the Speedtail is slated to begin at the end of next year.

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