Chevy continues to tease us while testing its newest sports car.

The mid-engined Corvette is coming – eventually. We've seen spy photos of the supercar as early as 2016, but new footage leads us to believe that it could arrive in just a few months. The latest prototypes, captured on camera in Colorado, show the upcoming Corvette testing alongside its current ZR1 sibling.

The video, uncovered by CorvetteBlogger, shows two heavily camouflaged prototypes on public roads in Leadville, Colorado. At 3,094 metres, it's the perfect proving ground for high-altitude testing. The near-four-minute clip shows the supercars briefly – most of their time spent hidden by the ZR1 – but it provides more evidence of the Corvette's imminent arrival.

More of the mid-engined Corvette:

Last time we saw footage of the mid-engined Corvette was in June. That clip showed the coupe coming to a complete stop before chirping its tyres and sprinting off multiple times. That particular prototype appeared to use a naturally aspirated V8 instead of one of its rumoured turbocharged powertrains. It's unclear which powertrains are being used in this particular video.

Reports suggest the mid-engined Corvette will come with three different options. The first will be a 6.2-litre V8 producing around 460 brake horsepower. The second will be a version of the biturbo 4.2-litre V8 from the new Cadillac CT6 V-Sport. In that application, it could produce up to 650 bhp. The final engine option could be a range-topping biturbo 5.5-litre V8 pumping out up to 850 bhp.

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It's still not clear when the new mid-engined Corvette will show up, but rumours point to a 2019 debut with an on-sale date of 2020. If we're lucky, we could see it this January at the Detroit Auto Show. Buyers that still want a Corvette with a V8 in the front can buy one after the 2018 model year; Chevy will continue production of the current model with a few variations.

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