After last week’s teaser strongly suggesting the Aventador Superveloce will become the new Lord of the ‘Ring, Lamborghini is back with episode two also shot at the Green Hell. The theme is different this time around as rather than focusing on how fast the Jota can go around the track, the company from Sant’Agata Bolognese announces its V12 flagship model will boast the “best” weight-to-power ratio.

In other words, the SVJ will eclipse the 2.03 kilograms per horsepower of the SV either by slashing weight or by gaining more power. Knowing Lamborghini, we’re tempted to believe the Aventador SVJ will be both lighter and more powerful than the Superveloce. It means the new raging bull will tip the scales at less than the 1,525 kilograms representing the dry weight of the standard SV.

More about the newest Lamborghini:

As for power, expect the naturally aspirated 6.5-litre to develop beyond the 740 brake horsepower available in the regular Superveloce. A 20-bhp increase seems likely, but some reports are indicating the V12 will be massaged to somewhere in the region of 780 bhp or perhaps even more, although we have our doubts about that.

You won’t be seeing many of these on the streets taking into account previous Jota-badged models were produced in extremely limited numbers. Lamborghini made just 28 Diablo Jotas and only one Miura Jota, while the Aventador J was also a one-off. This leads us to believe the SVJ will be significantly more exclusive than the standard SV of which 600 cars were produced.

Once it will debut, the range-topping Lamborghini will most likely become the new fastest production car to go around the Nürburgring by completing a lap in less than the 6 minutes and 47.3 seconds needed by the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. As you may recall, the latter dethroned Huracan Performante, which covered the lap in 6:52.01. It’s time for Lamborghini to fight back.

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