The 996-generation Porsche 911 GT2 has earned its "widowmaker" nickname for sending 476 bhp of turbocharged fury to the rear wheels and not offering much in the way of safety aids in case the driver screws something up. Plus, the ability to reach 62 mph in under 4 seconds remains quite respectable over a decade after this machine's original arrival. Some people are never satisfied, though, and this highly tuned 800 bhp 2004 GT2 making an appearance in The Hoonigans garage shows that there's always room to take things further.

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At first glance, this GT2 doesn't look too different from stock because it lacks the bulging wings and big vents that appear on many tuner cars. However, the devil is in the details. The first hint that something is up is the switch to a set of centre-lock BBS wheels, but even these special parts are easy to miss because they retain the normal bolt holes.

Then, the big surprise comes at the back where this GT2 reveals its inboard rear suspension. A pair of Öhlins three-way adjustable coilovers sit on the rear deck and look like a piece of abstract sculpture – unless you know what you're looking at. Since this Porsche lacks an opening rear decklid, accessing these parts looks a bit difficult, though, especially since the driver would need to reach around the roll cage to get to the adjustment knobs.

The changes aren't limited to wheels and suspension, though. This GT2 features a completely overhauled turbo setup, including revisions to the intake, exhaust, and cooling. Despite the huge boost in output, the builder claims that this setup is quite friendly on the street. The owner apparently isn't happy yet, though. The next round of upgrades will overall increase the engine's top end so that it will rev to 9,500 rpm.