Porsche has an interesting project cooking. The folks at the company’s Porsche Classic workshop dropped a single teaser photo showing a classic 911 shape outlined in gold, or rather, the top half of classic 911. We say that specifically because the company also included a video (above) that shows other parts of the project, suggesting there could be more going on than just a new powertrain in an old body.

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It’s officially called Classic Project Gold, and according to the very short press release sent out by the company, this project will start with a classic 911 body then morph into “a truly unique piece.” That’s literally all the information we’re given – at least in text form – aside from a promise that the Porsche newsroom will follow the project.

That means it’s time to put on the fedora and do some sleuthing through this teaser video. It’s only 42 seconds long, but our spider sense says there are some serious clues to be found, aside from the obvious 911 body half-hidden under a cover. To our eyes that looks like a 993 – the last of the air-cooled 911s built in the mid-1990s. There are some curious air vents at the rear quarter panels that absolutely scream 959, and considering there’s a 959 right in front of the body, we can’t help but think Porsche’s definitive 1980’s supercar has a role to play.

Porsche Project Gold teaser
Porsche Project Gold teaser

Another potential clue exists not with the actual bare body, but early in the video looking at the design sketch. Presumably the sketch we see front and centre in the clip is what this project is destined to become. There’s another sketch towards the top, however, and it definitely looks like a current 911 Turbo. Is that just a coincidence, or will Classic Project Gold also draw design inspiration – or perhaps a boosted flat-six engine – from the 991 model?

That gives us plenty to think about until the next teaser shows up. When it does you can bet we’ll be talking about it.

Gallery: Porsche Project Gold Teaser

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"Project Gold“ – the Vision

Porsche Classic creates a vehicle that has never existed like this before. Porsche Newsroom shows the first shots of the still top secret "Classic Project Gold".

A classic body is the starting point for a vehicle that will ultimately become a truly unique piece – assembled in the Porsche Classic workshop and individualized by the sports car manufacturer's designers. Porsche Newsroom accompanies the "Project Gold" right from the start throughout the individual production steps. The series starts with "the Vision".