Hyundai doesn't want to miss anyone who might one of its cars.

Hyundai is all set to open a new virtual showroom on Amazon as the US sales site expands its Vehicles section that consumers can currently use to compare new cars. 

Since the launch of Amazon Vehicles in 2016 the site has just been available for comparison purposes, but now car buyers in the US will be able to book test drives, check dealer stock levels and compare pricing and reviews of the car they're looking for. 

Hyundai is the first car manufacturer to build a dedicated portal on Amazon’s new car section, and says that the deal will give it access to valuable data on potential new car buyers. 

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As well as working to integrate Alexa capability into its driving experience, the carmaker is hoping that people will be able to book test drivers using Alexa in their own homes. 

“Over time, as consumers learn that Amazon has an auto section worth using, the traffic will continue to grow. We think that Amazon autos will become the number one auto research destination you can go to online," Hyundai USA's chief marketing officer Dean Evans told industry website Automotive News.

In an effort to cover all bases and catch customers who might not be as comfortable online, Hyundai is looking to sell its cars through Walmart supermarkets in the US, trying out pilot schemes in Phoenix and Oklahoma City. 

It’s not just over on the other side of the Atlantic where Hyundai buyers can try out innovative buying methods. The Korean carmaker already has a website called Click to Buy that potential buyers can use in the UK to buy or lease their new car and even arrange their finance deal and pay a deposit to secure their new car.