If you can watch this video without fidgeting in your chair or yelling, you’re better than us.

Here’s our disclaimer before you choose to push play on your phone, tablet, PC, or whatever device you’re using to visit our online home. Make sure you can either control your outbursts of laughter or frustration, or find a suitable environment where you can just let it all out in a massive scream. The bathroom at the local pub is probably not a good idea but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

More facepalm moments caught on video:

That brings us to the most pathetic display of incompetence we’ve seen behind the wheel of a car since that GM executive crashed a Corvette ZR1 on TV during an IndyCar race. At least he had a good excuse, or rather, 755 excuses resting under his right foot. The duo in this small hatchback has absolutely no excuse, and because the internet is merciless, they’re about to get 15 minutes of very unwelcome fame.

After four minutes of sheer frustration (on our part) we see a person enter the frame who we assume was watching the ordeal and decided to help. Unfortunately, this friendly bystander is positively miserable at guiding people into a parking space, and we soon find out why.  When he inevitably gets into the car to park it himself he can’t freaking parallel park either. Oh the humanity!

Friends, we try to be kind but damn. Parallel parking is not hard, especially in a small hatchback with a space that looks big enough for two cars. If you have this much trouble behind the wheel do yourself and your fellow motorists a favour – park the car and take the bus, or spend an afternoon figuring out how the steering wheel works. Honestly, it's not hard.

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