What happens when your Bugatti Veyron needs an oil change? Most owners would probably arrange a service appointment with the local dealer, but the folks at Royal Exotic Cars figure that they have all the necessary equipment, so they decide to do the work themselves. The resulting video makes it clear just how low on the priority list that Bugatti's engineers put vehicle serviceability.

See How Bugatti Veyrons Perform After The Maintenance Is Done:

Removing the oil is the easy part. Removing the under-body cover reveals the 16 drain plugs. A mechanic needs to remove them all to get the entire 18-quart oil supply out of the sump. The filter is also accessible from down there. 

Refilling the fluids is a much more complicated process. The wing liners and rear deck need to come off, and this requires removing dozens of bolts, many of which are hidden out of sight. Some of the fasteners even require getting on top of the car to access.

Once all of the bolts are off, it's finally possible to see everything. From there, you can change the air filters, and do other work. The Royal Exotic Cars team also take the opportunity to check the fluid levels and detail the engine bay. 

This one apparently had a hydraulic fluid leak from the spoiler. The team at Royal Exotic Cars doesn't go into detail about the process for repairing it, though.

After getting everything done, the mechanics are able to bolt everything back together and get the Veyron back on the road. Without a lift, tools, and some knowledgeable helpers, this would not be a job that you would even want to try.