When cars are recalled, its usually because of dodgy electrics, a suspension fault, or more recently an emissions discrepancy; so when we read about Kia's latest recall, we were sort of amused.

The recall centres around the Stinger – a car that has won praise the world over for being the least Kia-like Kia there is – and considering the dreary nonsense the company used to put out, that's high praise.

For some owners of the rear-wheel-drive, V6 super saloon, their ownership is about to be somewhat tarnished. By 'some', we mean those who bought yellow Stingers.

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That's right, the only Stingers being recalled are yellow ones. If you got one in the red launch colour, the rather handsome shade of black, or literally any other hue that isn't Sunset Yellow, then you can stop panicking.

If you did tick the Sunset Yellow option on your order form, your car's paint could be at risk. Thanks to a supplier issue, the paint contains a defective oil that could cause cracking. Funnily enough, that particular ingredient is actually supposed to preserve the paint and protect its longevity.

For victims of this slip up, Kia is offering free resprays, plus a lifetime paint warranty on all the potentially affected cars. For Kia, what appears to be a relatively minor issue with a simple fix will end up costing them nearly £8,000 per car. Good job it’s just the yellow ones then.

So, if you're in the market for a Kia Stinger, steer clear of yellow ones for now... or don't. They look great, and Kia's already on the case.