A UK-based aftermarket light maker has launched a new taillight setup for the Range Rover Sport, which features a dramatic start-up display. 

Glohh, the manufacturer of the GL-5i light, says that the new unit brings "unprecedented road theatre" to the British SUV.

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Adding further exclusivity to the unit, the company’s engineers have incorporated several advancements including a three-dimensional brake-light, enhanced aerodynamics, a sharp sequential indicator and a hidden reverse light that only shows up when in use. 

The company says that the new launch builds on the success of its first taillight, the GL-3 Dynamic, which was launched for the last-generation Range Rover Sport model in 2013. 

“The worldwide introduction of a new Glohh product is always a spectacular moment, and we are delighted by the positive response we have received by the cognoscenti,” said the company’s head of design, Faheem Rafiq. 

Glohh GL-5i light

“The GL-5i rear light demonstrates the strengths of our brand in both expertise and design. We’ve fused innovative technology with pulsating features creating a more visible light, increasing awareness and safety. We wanted to provide Range Rover owners an alternative design with futuristic features previously unavailable.”

The Glohh GL-5i features what the company calls a “single fluid line as a position light”, with four crystal 3D units that make up the brake light. When the car is opened via the key fob, a pulse of light moves along the position line and the rest of the light pulses on. 

The sequential indicator is a new addition to this latest version of the Glohh light, with 15 LEDs programmed to illuminate in rapid succession, lighting up to indicate the direction of intended travel. 

Glohh says that the GL-5i is a direct replacement for the Range Rover Sport’s standard taillights – no additional wiring or components are needed for installation and the unit is fully compatible with both variants of the Range Rover Sport.

The GL-5i taillight is priced at £949 in the UK via the Glohh website and authorised dealers. For a limited time, Glohh is also offering free worldwide shipping. See the new lights in action in the video below.

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