It’s time for a Speed reboot.

If the Goodwood Festival of Speed feels a tad more prim and proper than you’re used to, may we introduce you this insane hill climb event? Everything about it seems unorthodox. The bus – a massive, flat-nosed Ikarus – rockets through the countryside at a surprisingly quick speed. You can see the driver, helmet and all, sawing at the wheel around tight curves. At times, it looks like the back end is about to slide around, but it appears the driver is always in control. If you listen carefully, you can occasionally hear the wheels screech through some turns. 

More weird hill climb action:

Goodwood has hay bails lining the track for utmost safety while a slew of high-powered, technology-packed cars of various pedigrees rocket up the famous hill. However, this bus hill climb is an antithesis to all that pomp and circumstance. There are no bails of hay here, or much other safety measures in place. 

The video almost feels surreal, like you’re watching something illegal due to the fact the whole things feels very spur of the moment. Cars are lining the road like they’ve been parked there while the owner does his or her shopping. Any protective barriers seem nonexistent – or at least difficult to make out through the blurry video footage. As the video plays, the green countryside eventually transforms into a town, with the bus barreling down building-lined streets. 

Near the end of the video, the large bus makes a skillful left turn, avoiding some telephone poles. This drive could have easily replaced Sandra Bullock in Speed. However, there are no insane jumps or fiery explosion. At least not in the footage we see here. 

It takes skill to drive something as substantial as bus quickly through narrow streets and city centres, especially with the front turning wheels located behind the driver. It’s fun to watch – though we’d much rather have a chance to drive in one of these races. 

Source: W3RC via Facebook