Goldberg’s Toyota Tundra seemingly fared better than the vintage racer.

It’s another day of action at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, and we’re starting to see some vehicular casualties. Fortunately, the course is just over a mile long and with its twists and turns, only the hardcore supercars and racing machines are subject to serious speed. It’s also lined with hay through most of the sections to help absorb impacts, but that doesn’t mean vehicles go unscathed. 

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That’s what happened to former pro-wrestler and noted car maven Bill Goldberg while taking his NASCAR-spec Toyota Tundra pickup up the hill. He’s a veteran of the hill climb and in fact had his Tundra at Goodwood in the past, and to his credit, he was absolutely going all-in for his run. He navigates the tricky section at the Wall without issue, but then understeers ever-so-slightly towards the top and bounces into the hay. We can’t tell if there’s actually any damage to the truck, but the collision knocks him sideways on the course, basically wedging him in place and bringing out the red flag. All in all, it could’ve been worse.


Case in point, this second Goodwood incident involving a properly gorgeous and unique Lister-Jaguar “Monzanapolis,” paying homage to a period when European F1 cars raced with American Indy cars. As with Goldberg’s run, we give credit to driver Rod Jolley for going full attack on the course despite the car's skinny tyres. He seemed to have things well in hand until the pivotal left-hander midway through the run, where the car appeared to get a bit out-of-shape under braking. As a result he slid hard into the hay bales, and while hay is softer than a solid wall, such an impact can still do damage. The car did drive away, but some bodywork will definitely be required.

Given the menagerie of racers that attend Goodwood, a few crashes are certainly inevitable. We’re just glad everyone is okay, and that the damage looks easily repairable.

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