Both the Nissan GT-R and Italdesign celebrate their 50th anniversaries this year, and to commemorate the pair of milestones the Italian coachbuilder sculpts a new look for the Japanese performance icon. While we have seen the special model in some official photos, the Goodwood Festival of Speed has now provided a chance to see the GT-R50 in the real world and on the move.

The GT-R50 is a one-off for now, and the driver at Goodwood makes very certain not to damage it. Goodwood clocks the coupe at just 57 mph, but the car is capable of going much faster. It retains the GT-R's biturbo 3.8-litre V6 but power grows to 710 bhp and 575 pound-feet of torque by using turbochargers from the GT3 race car, larger intercoolers, high-flow piston jets, revised camshaft profiles, and higher-flow fuel injectors. A reinforced six-speed gearbox, stronger differentials, and heavy-duty driveshafts make sure the big boost in horsepower doesn't ruin the machine's reliability. 

The GT-R50 Is The Gold Standard Of GT-Rs:

Italdesign's duty is crafting the new exterior that makes the GT-R look ready for the future. At the nose, there's a prominent gold portion that draws the eye to the front end. A bevy of intakes in the nose and bonnet create an aggressive aesthetic, too. The roof is 54 millimetres lower that gives the rear portion of it an even sharper appearance.

The rear receives the most prominent overhaul where there's now a U-shaped window with gold nacelles flanking it. Four circular taillights with hollow centres emerge from the tail.

Nissan GTR-50 by Italdesign
2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO

Photos of the cabin show that Italdesign makes the odd decision to remove the infotainment display, and it replaces the analogue instruments with the type of digital display you'd find in a race car. The designers also add more carbon fibre and Alcantara than in the GT-R Nismo, which forms the basis for the GT-R50.

Italdesign and Nissan will build 50 or fewer examples of the GT-R50, but they won't be cheap at a price of 900,000 euros (£794,000 at current rates). The folks at Italdesign will handle the actual assembly, and they'll work with clients to tailor the finishes to the buyer's preferences.

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