Tonight's game could provide the perfect opportunity for a traffic-free journey.

England’s motorways are set to fall quiet tonight as England’s football team takes on Croatia in the World Cup semi-final.

According to Highways England, which manages the country’s road network, traffic levels fall by up to 33 percent during the Three Lions’ knockout matches in Russia.

Oddly, the organisation’s analysis found that the roads were not significantly busier before or after the games kicked off, suggesting that people are either choosing not to travel or are travelling at completely different times.

At 7 pm tonight, Highways England is predicting another drop in traffic, which means it might be the perfect time for those who don’t follow football to make their trips.

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Frank Bird, one of Highways England’s emergency planning officers, said: ‘Along with the rest of the country, we’ll be cheering on England! We want them to bring it home – and we want everyone on our roads to get home safely.

‘When England played Columbia we noticed traffic levels drop by about a third so we’re anticipating similar on Wednesday.

‘If you’re on the road – please drive safely and keep your focus on the journey. And then we look forward to doing it all again on Sunday!’

For those interested in ‘signs’ that England’s World Cup success is meant to be, Highways England says the motorway network itself offers a clue that football is coming home.

The M66, which runs from north Manchester into Lancashire, and the M18, which connects the Yorkshire towns of Rotherham and Goole, are exactly 52 miles apart – the same number of years since England last won the World Cup.