We’ve been patiently waiting for Nissan to come out with a next-generation GT-R, and while this isn’t the R36, Italdesign’s take on Godzilla still has huge appeal. The “GT-R without limits” as it has been described by the two companies was revealed online at the end of last month and it’s going to be showcased to the public later this week during the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Marking half a century of both the GT-R and Italdesign, the radically styled supercar is only a prototype for the time being, but the good news is limited production series is considered. The bad news? If it’s going to be given the green light, the GT-R50 will carry a starting price of approximately €900,000, which works out to a steep £794,000 at current exchange rates. To put that number into perspective, the 2018 GT-R Nismo begins from £150,000.

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Aside from getting a new look, the GT-R50 also packs more punch than the Nismo version courtesy of an upgraded 3.8-litre V6 pushing out an estimated 710 brake horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque thanks to a pair of larger GT3-spec turbochargers. As a reminder, the Nismo model has to make do with “only” 592 bhp and 481 lb-ft. In order to cope with the bump in output, the dual-clutch six-speed sequential gearbox has been reinforced and there are also beefier differentials and drive shafts.

If you have the means to buy one, you’ll want to hurry up and sign your name on the dotted line taking into account the plan is to make just 50 cars or even fewer. Italdesign will be in charge of putting together the GT-R50 and all will be hand-built and tailored to each customer. The two companies are serious about transforming the prototype into a production-ready model as they’ve set up a website where people can get in touch with Nissan and Italdesign to place an order.

Meanwhile, the prototype will celebrate its world debut at the Goodwood FoS on Thursday, July 12.

Source: Nissan, Italdesign

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Exclusive Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign set for world debut at Goodwood

Collaboration between Nissan and Italdesign reimagines Nissan’s GT-R as a custom-bodied, €900,000 (est.) ultralimited supercar

YOKOHAMA, Japan and TURIN, Italy – The Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign will make its world debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Chichester, England, on July 12.

The first-ever collaboration between Nissan and Italdesign, the GT-R50 prototype shown at Goodwood could become the blueprint for an extremely limited run of hand-built production vehicles. The vehicle commemorates the 50th anniversaries of both the GT-R, in 2019, and Italdesign, in 2018.

"The Goodwood Festival of Speed is the ideal setting to showcase the Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign, which combines power and artistry to celebrate 50 years of inspiring the dreams of our customers," said Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan's senior vice president of global design. "Just like the prototype itself, Goodwood is a celebration of design, performance, a little indulgence and a lot of love of historic and future automotive creativity. It's the perfect setting to showcase a unique vehicle that will stir the imagination of people to dream even bigger."

Pending the GT-R50 by Italdesign's reception at Goodwood and other global appearances in the coming months, a customer version inspired by the prototype may be created. No more than 50 units would be produced by Italdesign – with each car tailored for each customer – with a price estimated to start at about €900,000.