...but in a good way.

I'm sure by now we've all seen the horrendous footage of so-called football fans destroying cars in their celebrations of England's ongoing World Cup success.

So to lighten the mood, we bring you news of the England Football team racking up more motoring expenses for others – but this time in a nice way.

Prior to the World Cup – that sporting competition where England's hopes are always built up, only to be dashed early on – Auto Trader made the bold move of announcing they would give away a brand new car for every goal England scored in Russia this summer.

Unfortunately for the motoring market place, England have actually been rather good for a change, meaning that Auto Trader has been dipping its hand into its pocket more often than anticipated. In fact, so far it has spent a staggering £156,135 on cars thanks to Harry Kane and co's goal scoring.

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The figure accounts for two Jeep Renegades, three Abarth 595s, two Alfa Romeo Mitos and two Fiat 500Xs.

To win a car, the winner posted #AutoTraderGoals on social media or entered their email address at Autotrader.co.uk/goals when England scored a goal.

In the game against Colombia, Imogen Ryan, a 24-year-old paediatric nurse from Reading, won an Alfa Romeo Mito for Harry Kane’s goal in the 57th minute.

Imogen said: 'I was crying with joy when I found out I had won,' she said. 'I’m 17 weeks pregnant and we desperately need a new car – so to win one in this way after such a dramatic end to the game was beyond a dream – I love Harry Kane but I love Auto Trader more!'

Auto Trader’s Lei Sorvisto, said: 'It’s fair to say that when we started this competition, we didn't anticipate England would score so many goals – so we’ve given our finance director a few headaches along the way – but we’re thrilled for all of the competition winners and we’re fully behind the England team to bring it home!'

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