BMW reportedly doesn't plan to create a more powerful variant of the i8 because customers are allegedly quite happy with the hybrid coupe's current power. While 369 bhp might be plenty for the road, racers always want more power, and Hamofa Motor Sport has the solution. The team has a vehicle that looks like a competition-spec i8 on the outside but replaces the high-tech hybrid powertrain with a race-prepped naturally aspirated 4.0-litre V8 pumping out 540 bhp. The firm calls it the i8 GTR.

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While the machine looks like an i8, this is a classic example of a silhouette racer that takes on the appearance of the road-going vehicle but is completely different underneath. The French firm Solution F contributes the tube frame chassis for this model, and it contributes to the low weight of 1,100 kilograms. The 4.0-litre V8 bolts up right behind the bulkhead that separates the powertrain from the driver. The video shows that the mill sits incredibly low. A roof-mounted scoop directs cool air to the powerplant, and a gorgeous set of tubular headers sends the exhaust out the back. The road-scraping ride height means some contortion is necessary to snake into the cockpit

This is the same engine from the old BMW Z4 GTE and GT3 race cars, and it sounds amazing during the Belcar event at Zolder in this video.

For a better look at the i8 GTR check out the video from Hamofa that details the vehicle's creation, including a better look at the chassis and engine. There's also a little more of a chance to hear it at the end.

Source: Belgian-Motorsport via YouTube, HAMOFA Industrial Engines via YouTube, Hamofa Motor Sport via Facebook



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