Czech carmaker Skoda is adding to what it calls a ‘renowned’ heritage of supplying vehicles to the emergency services for more than 110 years, by kitting out its Karoq SUV ready for blue light service in the UK. 

Skoda says that the Karoq is well-suited to the demands of emergency teams, giving drivers a host of technology and driver assistance systems at their fingertips. When fully converted the vehicle features 360-degree visibility thanks to LED signal lights built into the front screen, grille, tailgate and number plate – all complemented by a 100 amp three tone siren.

The SUV offers exceptional practicality and is available with four-wheel drive for response units that regularly need to cross tougher terrains. The 2,638 mm wheelbase gives personnel plenty of legroom and the 521 litres of boot space offers plenty of space for life-saving equipment. 

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To keep the crew members safe when they’re on a callout the Karoq is offered with a range of driver assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, emergency braking and pedestrian monitoring. 

Henry Williams, Skoda UK’s head of fleet, said: ‘We have worked closely with emergency services teams over the years to ensure that we are providing vehicles that are practical and can be converted to their exact requirements. 

‘These vehicles are in constant use by life-saving teams and an integral requirement of any vehicle is its reliability, which Skoda delivers time and time again. The Karoq fits the bill in every way with outstanding handling, space and practicality.’

The Karoq SUV is available with four engine options – two TSI petrol units with outputs of 113 bhp and 148 bhp and two TDI diesels with the same power outputs. All four are available with a seven-speed DSG transmission as an option, with the most powerful diesel model – the 2.0 TDI 150 PS also available with four-wheel drive.