Just 10 of the specially-built cars will be available.

Porsche specialist Paul Stephens has revealed a new 911 conversion that celebrates the Le Mans Classic event.

The limited-edition package, which is called the Le Mans Classic Clubsport, effectively involves restoring an original 911, then goes about improving the car.

Just 10 examples will be made available, with each boasting a price tag of roughly £250,000. Customers will be able to choose from one of two body types, with the standard Touring model joined by a hardcore Lightweight variant.

On the outside, the car is set apart by its lightweight, de-seamed roof panel, composite bumpers and engine cover, aluminium bonnet and aerodynamically designed mirrors. Even the soundproofing has been lightened.

Inside, there are ‘ST-style’ touring seats, while the whole cabin is trimmed with green, black and white houndstooth. There are green floor mats, green seat belts and even green door pulls, as well as a 24-hour clock that serves as a nod to Le Mans’ famous race. There’s a luggage box in lieu of rear seats, too, and each car comes with a specially commissioned luggage set.

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The Lightweight version eschews some of the more luxurious touches, such as the sound proofing, electric windows and carpets, and adds non-tilting lightweight seat frames. Even the glove box door is removed, and there’s just one sun visor.

Whichever version is selected, though, the engine remains the same. A 3.4-litre air-cooled flat-six, it’s fitted with various goodies to increase power. The engine control unit (ECU) has been reprogrammed and there are upgraded components such as RS-spec camshafts and lightweight conrods.

All this is mated to a Getrag gearbox and a limited-slip differential, which allows the engine to send its 300 bhp to the rear wheels. In Lightweight guise (which comes in at 105 kg less than the Touring), it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and hit a top speed of 175 mph.

‘Naming this unique Le Mans Classic Clubsport is an honour,’ said company founder and managing director Paul Stephens, speaking at the new model’s launch. ‘The passion of the event, from the organisers through to the enthusiasts attending, reflects our own devotion to the finest classic cars, and to be able to dedicate a bespoke version of our Clubsport model feels like an ideal match.’

Those who have reserved a vehicle will be invited to parade their car at the 2020 Le Mans Classic and partake in a classic Le Mans start, running to their vehicle and setting off.

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