SEAT shocked (pun intended) us a few months ago at the Geneva Motor Show where out of nowhere it unveiled the Cupra e-Racer. Billed as being the world’s first electric touring car, the zero-emissions racing machine is actually not badged as a SEAT since it belongs to the new standalone Cupra brand of the Spanish marque. Following its world premiere at the Swiss show, the interesting EV has travelled to Zagreb in Croatia to conduct its very first track test.

As a refresher, the not-a-SEAT Cupra e-Racer has a continuous power output of 300 kilowatts (402 brake horsepower), but the peak power can hit an impressive 670 bhp (500 kW). While the regular Cupra Leon can be had either with a front- or an all-wheel-drive layout, the hardcore track-only electric model adopts a RWD configuration.

Get acquainted with the Cupra e-Racer:

The major switch from a combustion engine to an entirely electric powertrain has added more than 300 kilograms of weight compared to the regular Leon TCR and has changed the weight distribution from 60:40 front/rear to 40:60. Despite being a lot heavier, the new Cupra e-Racer is insanely quick, needing a mere 3.5 seconds until 65 mph and hitting 125 mph from a standstill in just 8.2 seconds.

On the occasion of the race car’s first track test, Cupra has dropped some interesting preliminary details about the battery pack. It consists of 6,072 round cell batteries, which represent the equivalent of 9,000 mobile phone batteries. These will have enough juice to allow the e-Racer to take part in the newly established E-TCR (Electric Touring Car Races).

The data obtained during the test in Croatia – which delivered 'very optimistic results' - will be put to good use into fine-tuning the car to have it ready in time for its competitive debut.

Source: Cupra

Gallery: Cupra e-Racer at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

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The first ever fully electric touring racecar

  • Tests on the track confirm the successful integration of the batteries with the rest of the car’s systems
  • The battery is made up of 6,072 round cell batteries, equivalent to 9,000 mobile phones
  • 0 to 65mph acceleration in 3.2 seconds and 0 to 125mph in 8.2 seconds

Martorell, 03-07-2018. – CUPRA has tested its 680 horsepower, 100% electric e-Racer at the race track for the first time.

Having made its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the extreme race vehicle was put through its paces in Zagreb (Croatia), testing the integration of the electric battery pack with the rest of the vehicle.

All electrical, battery, cooling and propulsion systems had previously been tested individually, but this time the elements were integrated and their operation tested together on the track, with very optimistic results for the CUPRA team.

During the testing, the high temperature conditions of the track confirmed that the CUPRA e-Racer is ready to tackle the challenges of competition. The initial tests yielded very positive conclusions.

This CUPRA e-Racer was the first touring car produced that complies with the requirements for competing in the new E TCR series, the first ever electric, multi-brand touring car championship.

Creating the first rechargeable touring racecar

The battery pack on this fully electric touring racecar is made up of 6,072 round cell batteries, which is equivalent 9,000 mobile phone batteries. With these figures, the range of the e-Racer makes it perfectly compatible to compete on the new E-TCR (Electric Touring Car Races).

The data compiled in these tests will be used to continue adjusting the systems, enabling the next step to focus on the vehicle’s performance.

SEAT Vice-president for Research and Development, Dr. Matthias Rabe, said: “With the CUPRA e-Racer we want to bring racing to the next level. We believe we can help reinvent motorsport and achieve success. Motorsport is one of the pillars of CUPRA, and we are proud of the team that is making this electric touring racecar possible.”