Despite a ban on parking on the pavement being a strong possibility, the majority of Brits are reportedly against the idea.

The survey by reveals that 55 percent of those surveyed wouldn't want to stop people parking their cars on the pavement. The survey revealed that almost a quarter of the 500 people surveyed park on the pavement to avoid blocking the road. 10 motorists said they park on a pavement every day, while 15 percent had done so because there was nowhere else to park.

It wasn't universal support in favour of parking on the pavement though, one in three said they would support fines of £50 or less for those that do park on the pavement, while some even said they would like to see points on licenses and even in some cases community service for so-called 'offenders'.

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Currently parking on the pavement is only illegal in London, but it remains a grey area across the rest of the country where fines are still a possibility.

The Department of Transport is considering a review of current traffic legislation which could extend the ban past London, across the whole of England and even Scotland.

'This is a very surprising result as it appears that a majority of Brits do not want to see a nationwide ban,' said Harrison Woods, managing director at 'It could be that for some motorists it might be their only option, especially if they want to avoid blocking the road, but there is also the issue of the inconvenience that parking a car on a pavement can cause to pedestrians by obstructing their route.'

'If parking on a pavement really is the only option, and it is allowed, then motorists should always make sure there is ample room for pedestrians to get past, especially those with a pushchair, in a wheelchair or with a visual impairment,' he added.