The M3 CS has already made huge waves with its high performance figures and trimmed-down weight, thanks largely to the extensive use of carbon fibre parts. However, BMW is up to something better for the 2020 M3, with even more powerful engine and lighter body in a regular non-CS package.

In a report by Autocar, the next-generation sports saloon is expected to get 465 brake horsepower for its standard version. If true, it will be 11 bhp higher than the M3 CS. The magazine said that it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the power boost will be coming from the use of water-injection system used in the M4 GTS, for cooler cylinders therefore more efficient running.

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Even better, the 2020 M3 will also get a lighter body than the M3 CS. This is due to the use BMW’s CLAR structure that underpins the M5 and M7. It will not only employ extensive use of carbon fibres in the body, but more importantly, will use an all-carbon roof. With that, the M3 won't cross the 1,585-kilogram mark – the already notable weight of the M3 CS.

The weight loss is quite surprising since it’s predicted that the M3 will grow a bit from its predecessor; 20 millimeters increase in wheelbase and 60 mm increase in overall length. BMW is also expected to rule out offering M5’s part-time, four-wheel-drive system to avoid weight increase.

BMW also considers adding active rear-wheel steering technology to the next-generation M3 since it’ll be built on CLAR structure. If this pushes true, it will enhance the M3’s agility and increase high-speed agility, and will be the only 3 Series model to have such technology up its sleeve.

Source: Autocar


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