Buying a hypercar is, more often than not, a trying experience. There's an application and vetting process, then a wait, before they ask you what your Mum's cat's sister's maiden name was, and then they tell you that you don't actually qualify to spend your own money on their product.

It's a lengthy, laborious process only 'enjoyed' by a select lucky (and rich) few. But why does it happen? Well, brands want to protect their core values, while stopping customers from making a profit by selling to those that missed out on an allocation. But it doesn't always work – just ask Ford.

With all that in mind, we were quite surprised when we caught wind of a McLaren Senna being offered for sale on the second-hand market. The McLaren Senna, if you don't know, is – above all – a car that doesn't actually exist yet. Sure a handful of pre-production prototypes have been let loose on press drives recently, but deliveries of actual production cars isn't set to commence until later this year.

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What's really being offered is a McLaren Senna 'build slot'. Classic Motors For Sale's listing which found its way to us promises one of the 500-limited run allocations, that can be fully specced by the new buyer, which will have to complete the purchase 'lawyer to lawyer'.

'The Car can be in any colour you like, even full Carbon, you can even choose LHD or RHD,' reads the listing, 'but you need to be quick as the configuration of this Senna is due now.'

Whoever is selling their car – or the receipt for their car – is set to make a healthy profit before the build even starts. The car's base price is £750,000, but the listing says that there will be a premium of 'just' £240,000 – which is enough to buy literally any other car McLaren currently makes.

Whether this listing turns out to be the real deal, only time will tell. In fact, if you've got a spare million quid, why not reach into your pocket, then let us know.

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