There’s a new range topper in McLaren’s Sports Series and it’s called the 600 Longtail. Slotting above the 570S upon which it’s based, the LT comes with a modified carbon fibre body extended by 7.3 centimetres compared to the donor car. Separating the new model furthermore are the top-exit tips belonging to an exhaust system shorter than that of the hardcore Senna.

While it make look familiar to fans of the Woking-based marque, the new 600LT has gone through quite a lot of changes to shave off a whopping 95.98 kilograms and enable a remarkable dry weight of just 1,247 kg. Bear in mind this figure is achieved after adding all the possible lightweight goodies developed by McLaren Special Operations. These include items such as a carbon fibre roof and vented front wings made from the same lightweight yet ultra-durable material.

When put side by side with the 570S, the 600LT stands out thanks to its extended front splitter, new side sills, and a longer diffuser at the back where there’s also a fixed wing to aid aerodynamics by increasing downforce. Some would say the Longtail is more of the same, but McLaren points out the new model has 23 percent newly developed parts judging by numbers.

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Aside from getting a tweaked bodywork, the new 600LT also features some significant modifications on the inside where buyers can get the P1’s carbon fibre racing seats. Alternatively, even lighter carbon seats borrowed from the Senna can be ordered to achieve that impressively low curb weight mentioned earlier.

While the 570S Coupe offers 562 brake horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque, the 600LT ups the power ante to 592bhp and 457 lb-ft. Doing the math, the upgraded biturbo 3.8-litre V8 engine now packs an extra 30 bhp and 14 lb-ft to allow the Longtail achieve a power-to-weight ratio of 474 bhp / ton if the supercar is equipped with all the lightweight options.

Performance numbers have not been disclosed, but considering the extra power and lower weight, the 600LT should easily eclipse the 570S, which needs 3.2 seconds until 62 mph and 9.5 seconds from a standstill until 124 mph before maxing out at 204 mph.

McLaren isn’t saying how many it will build, though it does mention production will be “strictly limited” and won’t last for more than 12 months. Assembly is scheduled to kick off in October. Those fortunate enough to claim one will also have the privilege of spending a day at a track with someone from McLaren providing the necessary assistance to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Available to order now from McLaren retailers, the 600LT Coupe is priced from £185,500 with taxes.

Source: McLaren

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