It seems like a bad time for people renting cars recently. Last week, a rented AMG GLE Coupe rolled over an inclined roundabout in France. It was really unfortunate for the Mercedes and the driver, plus the fact that a £1,750 (2,000 euros) “caution” deposit was reported to be given by the renter.

This time, a Chinese woman rented a 458 in Wenling, China, which she ended up crashing towards the road divider of a busy street. At the start of the video uploaded by Daily Mail, you could see a woman admiring the Ferrari and saying that it’s her first time to drive a Prancing Horse. It looked like she’s feeling really awesome with it, but we wish we could say the same for her after that awful crash.

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However, as some Reddit users on a thread have observed, the lights on the instrument panel showed that the traction control was turned off. Now, any car nut would know that TC off and wet roads won't add up, especially in a 562 brake horsepower, mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive supercar. There’s a reason why TC has been invented, and this is one of them.

Some also speculated that the 458 may have been in Race mode, which unleashes the supercar’s potential. Well, TC off and race mode would have been a really great experience on a race track, but not on public roads.

The 458 was wrecked mostly on the front end, almost making the bonnet unrecognisable. The front wheels were even flipped and we think the whole front end received great damage. Worse part was, there were other unsuspecting vehicles that became victims of the crash, just because a renter wasn’t careful in driving a car she didn't even buy.

Source: Daily Mail via Youtube | Reddit

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