Want your Insignia to stand out from the crowd? Now's your chance with Vauxhall Exclusive.

Manufacturer personalisation programmes – the sort of thing where you can have your car's paintwork matched to your t-shirt, or a drawing done by your kids stitched into the headrests. They're the sort of thing usually reserved for the Aston Martins, Ferraris, and McLarens of this world.

More bespoke programmes:

Until now. Because Vauxhall have launched a personalisation service for its affordable, everyday, run-of-the-mill cars. For just over £5,000 Vauxhall's exclusive individualization programme will let you paint your new Insignia in any colour you please. What's more, you can even choose whether you want that paint in metallic, pearl effect, solid or tinted clear-varnish finish.

Opel Insignia Exclusive
Opel Insignia Exclusive

To get your own personalised colour, all customers need to do is take a colour sample in the form of a picture or colour code down to a dealer to begin the process.

From then on, a colour sample is developed and put onto a 15 cm-long model car in order for the customer to give the colour their seal of approval. With that given, the car is temporarily removed from the production line, where 9kgs of the custom mixed paint will be applied to the car's body.

But what if the owner wants to apply the colour to something else, or another car in the future? Well, Vauxhall will archive the colour and give the customer their own unique colour ID.

Bespoke paint is priced at £5,300 and two-coat metallic paint at £4,400. Insignia GSi customers can also select the Exclusive Black Pack for just £500.

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