Now, don’t expect an out-of-this-world result in this video. We didn’t. These cars are like at the opposite ends of the speed spectrum; a 'normal' car versus a vehicle that’s made to perform. Okay, not so much at opposite ends as there are slower cars than the VW Golf, but you get the gist. We certainly had this coming.

Yet, APEX Cars did it anyway. They pit Volkswagen's best-selling model against a BMW M5 in an acceleration test. A 150bhp, front-wheel-drive hatchback (presumably) versus 600 horses from an all-wheel-drive performance saloon that has some serious rep when it comes to speed. Both German, but on the whim (and from that enormous gap in output figures), you pretty much know the result of this David versus Goliath battle – except that Goliath actually won this time.

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What’s interesting, however, is the contrast between the acceleration of these two vehicles. The M5 was able to reach 124mph in just 10 seconds. On the other hand, the Golf was able to reach the same speed 29 seconds later. Even more, the M5 was at the 186mph mark at 32 seconds. Pretty impressive for the Bavarian performance executive saloon.

Some might point out that the video is pointless, but we beg to differ. You see, this video showed us the difference between mass market cars and nameplates that only a few would be able to afford. There’s a good reason why there’s a sizable gap in their price tags. It should make you realise that aside from build quality and materials, speed and performance are among the things you actually pay for.

So, next time someone tells you that speed depends on the driver and not on the car itself, show them this video. By the way, the M5 reached its delimited top speed at 191mph in just 36 seconds.

Source: APEX Cars via Youtube

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