Take a look at the 8 Series convertible, too.

Design registrations from the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property are providing the first look at BMW's design for the road-going 8 Series Gran Coupe saloon. The filings also confirm the final shape for the frequently spied 8 Series convertible.

BMW revealed the M8 Gran Coupe concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show as a preview of what a four-door version of the model might look like. The new design filing indicates the German brand is serious about putting a vehicle like this into production. 

BMW Série 8 (BR)

At 191.2 inches long, the new 8 Series coupe is closer in size to the 194.6-inch-long 5 Series than the 206.6-inch-long 7 Series. This sizing suggests the 8 Series Gran Coupe would occupy a spot akin to the old 6 Series Gran Coupe. The four-door 8er would be the stylish alternative for buyers that don't mind sacrificing some of the 5 Series' practically for a more curvaceous shape. 

A Better Look At The 8 Series Coupe:

The Gran Coupe would likely share engines with its two-door counterpart. At launch, the new model is available with a 4.4-litre biturbo V8 that makes 523 brake horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. Europeans can also get a 3.0-litre biturbo inline-six with 315 bhp and 502 lb-ft of torque. Spy shots confirm development of the M8 coupe is underway and likely has the more powerful version of the 4.4-litre biturbo V8 from the M5 with as much as 617 bhp and 553 lb-ft of torque in Competition trim.

BMW Série 8 (BR)
BMW 8 Series Convertible Spy Shots

Pictures also confirm the 8 Series convertible's development, and this design filing shows off the final shape. The car appears to be in a basic spec with a simple lower fascia. The biggest design changes are at the rear where BMW's designers have to incorporate the folding roof rather than the gently sloping top on the coupe. 

There's no word yet about when the Gran Coupe or Convertible might debut, but the immense number of spy photos suggest the droptop would arrive first.

Source: INPI - Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property

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