Nick Mason, the man who made his name drumming for iconic rock band Pink Floyd, is one of the most famous petrolheads on the planet.

The man has an impressive collection, including a McLaren F1 GTR, and also has a fleet of Ferraris, among which is a Ferrari F40, Enzo, and one of just 39 250 GTOs.

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Another prancing horse in his stable is a LaFerrari, naturally. Mason's LaFerrari is the only one of the 500 built to be finished in Blu Pozzi, and we have to wonder why – it's stunning!

Thankfully for us, Mason likes to show it off. It's been at Carfest for Children In Need a few times, and as recently as last week it was on display at the 2018 London Concours, an event described as an 'automotive garden party in the heart of the city'. He's also let others drive it hard on track. Previously Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro hammered it round the Goodwood circuit, with Mason sitting in the passenger seat.

Nick Mason LaFerrari Blu Pozzi at London Concours

Some-time racer Mason isn't the only petrolhead in his family. His daughter Holly Mason-Franchitti also races in classic events, while his son-in-law Marino Franchitti is a professional racer who was one of the original drivers for Ford's resurgent GT programme when the new GT arrived back in 2016. Franchitti is also the brother of four-time IndyCar champion and three-time Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti, and both are cousins of ex-Formula 1 driver Paul di Resta.

Mason isn't the only famous man from the music world to own a LaFerrari in an unusual colour either. Jamiroquai's Jay Kay famously has a Kermit The Frog green one. Again, that's a one-off.

Check out our gallery of Nick Mason's LaFerrari below.

Gallery: Nick Mason LaFerrari Blu Pozzi in London