Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the axiom for making landfills smaller, and it's apparently also the perfect recipe for creating an awesome off-roader. A crazy team in Russia found a totaled X5 and rather than letting waste away in a junk yard, the crew cuts it up, welds in a roll cage, and creates a roofless machine for wading through muddy water. 

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This X5 looked like it had taken quite a hard hit and was a target for a paintball gun at some point. The interior was filthy, too. A reciprocating saw then sliced through the body with ease to remove the upper door sections and pillars. A set of spacers also allowed for fitting a massive set of wheels for rolling over rough terrain but required cutting the wings for clearance. 

For relatively little investment, these folks created a very cool off-roader. Whether wading deep water or banging over deep ruts, this X5 can handle the job. When the rear fascia eventually falls off, there's really no reason to worry about the vehicle's wellbeing. Plus, the BMW looks even meaner afterward.

For a deeper look at the build, check out the video below. It's only available in Russian, but much of the final half of the clip showcases the X5 taking even more punishment on an off-road course.

It'll be many years before anyone will be able to find a beat up example of the new fourth-generation X5 and perform such radical surgery on the SUV.  The latest model doesn't even arrive in showrooms for several months, and folks looking to get dirty can order the optional Off-Road Package with underbody protection, air suspension, electronically controlled rear differential lock, and specific driving modes for preparing the systems for sand, rock, gravel, or snow. 

Source: AcademeG via YouTube, 2 via BMW Blog