Road safety charity Brake has given a damming insight to the safety of UK roads to coincide with the Brake Kid's Walk which raises awareness for the thousands of children killed or injured on the roads each year.

According to the latest Department for Transport (DfT) figures 14,273 children were killed or injured on roads in England in 2016, making a shocking average of 39 children either dying of being injured daily. To put that into perspective, that's more than a classroom full of children each day.

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The North West has the worrying statistic of having the most road deaths each year, with 15 children being willed on the the region's roads in 2016, while the South East has the greatest number of child road casualties (2,343 a year). On the other hand, the North East has the fewest a year at 702.

'It is every child's right to be able to walk in their community without fear of traffic and pollution. But many kids are unable to do so because they don’t have access to simple measures such as footpaths, cycle paths and safe places to cross,' said Dave Nichols, community engagement manager for Brake, the road safety charity. 'Many more have to contend with fast traffic and pollution from vehicle emissions. If we want more children and their families to walk, then we need to make sure their journeys are safe. We’re delighted that so many schools and children across the UK agree with us on this and are taking part in Brake’s Kids Walk. Together we can raise awareness about the issues that matter to them and help make their roads safer.'