Porsche recently revealed the Taycan name for the production version of the Mission E concept. Unfortunately, the German brand didn't make it very clear how the public was supposed to actually say the model name. This is a more serious question than you might think because Porsche has some interesting vehicle pronunciations. For example, you're supposed to say Macan more like "pecan" with emphasis on the second syllable, rather than "bacon" where the first syllable is emphasized. 

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According to this promo clip, you say the model like "Tie-Kahn," as in a combination of the men's neckwear and the Star Trek villain. We think Porsche is potentially missing out on a big marketing opportunity because going with a pronunciation like "taken" would open up a chance to have Liam Neeson doing gruff commercials for the upcoming EV in the style of his character from the Taken film franchise.

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To create an early buzz about the Taycan, this video makes the argument that the model has just as much soul as any other Porsche. The company shows off exciting images of its models from the past and future, and at the end a young boy walks through a shadowy hallway of covered vehicles. He then comes upon a Taycan that goes through its sci-fi start-up process where the taillights extend across the back like a Cylon. 

The Taycan name refers to a lively horse, which comes from the stallion on the Stuttgart coat of arms and Porsche emblem. The company confirms that the model has at least 600bhp and can reach 62 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds. The drivetrain offers a range over 311 miles. These specs are reportedly for the range-topping model. The base trim would start around £75,000 and have 402bhp.

Source: Porsche via YouTube

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