The Scottish government is cracking down on bad parking with a raft of new transport legislation.

Under the new Transport Bill, parking with one or more wheels on the pavement will become a decriminalised offence, as will double parking (parking more than 50cm from the kerb).

Both offences will be subject to a penalty charge.

The Scottish government says the changes will improve the efficiency of town and city centres, allowing traffic to pass more smoothly.

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf said: ‘The Transport Bill responds to the views of passengers and stakeholders by providing local authorities with the tools to address local needs. This will allow for decriminalised enforcement of Low Emission Zones, double parking and parking on pavements, which will help transform our towns and cities into cleaner, more accessible and more pleasant spaces to travel and enjoy.’

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The RAC has called for the proposals to be joined by clear standards that make it easy for motorists to understand how they should be parking in a given situation.

Nicholas Lyes, the organisation’s head of roads policy, said: ‘Parking is an emotive issue for many drivers, and there is certainly support for local authorities to clamp down on selfish parking where pavement access is blocked for pedestrians and vulnerable users. However, there are instances – particularly on narrow residential streets – where motorists believe they are doing the right thing by putting a wheel or two on the kerb so not to impede road access for other vehicles but also making sure they leave adequate space for those using the pavement.

‘All eyes will now be on a set of standards and guidance that the Scottish Government will produce for local authorities which we hope will also be clear for motorists to understand. It’s important that common sense prevails over what is and isn’t acceptable.’

Also included in the Transport Bill is the ability for local authorities to introduce low-emission zones that see very polluting vehicles charged for entering areas of low air quality.