The Senna is the new hotness from McLaren, but Lanzante is preparing to give the old P1 some more love by building a longtail variant. You might be familiar with the company from its production of the insane 986bhp P1 LM and doing road-legal conversions of the P1 GTR.

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Details about the P1 GT Longtail are largely nonexistent at this point. The company's single teaser image reveals changes like vents at the top of the fenders and a much larger front splitter. Development is apparently still underway because the photo shows a completely stripped cabin. The seats aren't even in the cabin at this point.

The Longtail moniker indicates the tuned hypercar features more aerodynamic rear bodywork for slicing through the air even better than the stock hypercar. The more slippery shape might improve the P1's top speed, in addition to being an aesthetic upgrade.

If Lanzante leaves the powertrain alone, the Longtail would have at least 903 or 986bhp if the firm uses a GTR as the donor car. The company developed more efficient charge coolers and an Inconel exhaust for the LM, so these parts might appear on the Longtail, too.

The P1 GT Longtail is reportedly a one-off commission from a customer in the Middle East, according to Drive Tribe. However, if you have enough money and a P1 to spare, there's no reason to expect that Lanzante wouldn't build another for a wealthy client.

Gallery: McLaren F1 GTR Longtail chassis 20R

McLaren only built ten examples of the original F1 GTR Longtail (above). The models were the final evolution of the F1 race car and featured a tweaked body to boost downforce. The company also built three road-going versions known as the F1 GT. They featured a 297-pound (135-kilogram) weight reduction, six-speed sequential gearbox, and fully adjustable suspension. 

McLaren revived the idea with the 675 Longtail that cut weight and boosted power over the 650S. Company officials haven't been too secretive about plans eventually to build a 720 Longtail, too.

Source: the_real_lanzante via Instagram, Drive Tribe