Drivers named Harrison are the most likely to have penalty points on their licences for speeding, according to the latest analysis from insurance quotes.

Price comparison website looked at around 11 million car insurance quotes from between May 2015 and April 2016, and found that 13 percent of Harrisons had penalty points for speeding.

However, drivers named Calvin were judged most likely to have points for any offence, seeing as almost a quarter (23.1 percent) of them were found to have points on their licences.

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The study found a gender divide in the number of penalty points, with drivers named Allison being the most likely women to have points for speeding. However, just 7.5 percent of Allisons having been punished for breaking the limit.

Those who were named Lara, however, were the most likely women to have points on their licences overall, with 10.8 percent having at least some endorsements.

Kevin Pratt, who is an insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: ‘When it comes to driving, it seems points on licences are very much in a name. But licence points are there for a reason, to deter reckless motorists from misbehaving behind the wheel.

‘If you incur any points, you must declare them when buying or renewing your car insurance, which could lead to an increase in your premiums. Aside from the financial consequences, though, speeding and drink-driving are dangerous, and risk your safety and the welfare of other motorists.

‘Anyone with points on their licence should shop around for the best deal when their policy is up for renewal. Car insurance is based on risk, and different providers have different ways of setting their prices, so some might be more lenient than others, especially to win your business.’