Could we be possibly looking at the new Porsche Speedster?

The 911 lineup is becoming so vast it is beginning to feel like there's a new version of the car or special edition every month, but we're approaching the point at which the range is due for a complete replacement.

It’s a known fact that the current 991 generation is about to be retired – the 992 has already been teased ahead of its reveal in the second half of the year. Despite the fact a new-generation model is right around the corner, it seems that there’s still time to roll out (at least) one more derivative of the outgoing model.

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We’re talking about the Speedster special edition rumoured to be capped at only 1,948 units to mark 70 years of the Porsche brand, which has been going strong since 1948. We’ve seen numerous spy shots of the model in question, but these new images appear to be showing a test vehicle carrying a slightly different body. The changes are noticeable at the back where we’re immediately being reminded of the 911 GT3 with Touring Package, but obviously in a droptop form. Here's a side by side photo comparison to better illustrate the similarities between the two, as well as the differences (engine cover, spoiler between the rear lights):

Porsche 911 spy photo
Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package official images

It remains to be seen whether this is in fact a more evolved 911 Speedster prototype closer to production or Porsche is actually making a 911 GT3 Touring Convertible. We’ll find out in just a few months as whatever the company is preparing, it will certainly be officially unveiled before the 992’s debut. Our money is on the Speedster as all the rumours have been pointing towards the launch of a new one to follow the 2011 model and serve as a last hurrah for the 991.

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