To give his customers something the throw at their cars when they break again.

Is there anything Elon Musk hasn't done? He's the quintessential modern-day billionaire polymath. PayPal, that was his. Poorly built electric cars is another. He's also taken his business to outer space and underground with his SpaceX and Boring Company ventures too.

So what's next for the real-life Tony Stark? Well, while we'd all like him to get Tesla's house in order first, his next venture appears to be a pretty smart one.

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While Musk's tunnel building company is digging underground, obviously all of that displaced dirt needs somewhere to go. According to a report from tech website The Verge, Musk is looking to enter the brick trade, making what he calls ultra-strong bricks from the construction of Boring Company tunnels.

Removing the dirt from his tunnel projects is set to make up around 15-20 percent of the overall construction costs. Transforming the muck into low-cost, high-strength bricks would allow the company to recoup some of those costs.

The bricks will be made by compressing a mixture of the dirt and adding some concrete at high pressures, enabling them to handle up to 330kg/cm2of pressure, or so Musk says. He intends to sell them for 'like 10 cents a brick or something like that,' according to his latest barrage of tweets, so they'll at least be more affordable than a Tesla.

Musk is confident about his new venture, reportedly saying 'these are bricks that are way better than any bricks I’ve ever seen at a construction site,' and they are a bit more simple for his complicated Gigafactory robots to handle the building of. But now if we could get back to cars, Elon, that would be great.