Assuming that Tesla can actually build it.

Despite the fact that Tesla is struggling to meet demand for the new Model 3 and despite that the handful that have left the factory have been built to a poor standard by most accounts, the Californian tech company is pushing more variants of its so-called 'entry-level' offering.

In a tweeted reply to a journalist, company founder and boss Elon Musk confirmed that dual motor and high performance variants of the Model 3 were in the works and production would start this summer. He also confirmed that air suspension could be offered by the company as soon as next year.

'Tesla will enable orders end of next week for dual motor AWD and performance,' Musk said. 'Starting production of those in July. Air suspension prob [sic] next year.'

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Tesla Model 3

The move to offer further variants of the Model 3 is somewhat surprising given the difficulties the company has faced since its introduction. Last month Tesla chose to shut down the Model 3 assembly line in a bid to improve production. Since the shutdown, more manual labour has reportedly gone into production, which will likely mean in increase in costs. What's more, the production target was recently upped from 5,000 to 6,000 cars at the company looks to fulfil a multitude of orders and bring in cashflow it so desperately needs.

Tesla has already been struggling financially, with several billion pounds of debt bought by investors over the summer, and indications suggesting that if it doesn't get more sizeable investment quickly, the company could go under as soon as August. Industry website Bloomberg revealed late last year that Tesla was spending £361,000 an hour (more than £6,000 a minute), and that the company would need to raise £1.5 billion by the middle of 2018 in order to survive.