Porsche received a cheeky little helping hand from Chevrolet while setting a new lap record of the Nurburgring with the 991.2 GT3 RS recently.

The General Motors development team had booked the track to test the Corvette ZR1, much to the disappointment of Porsche who showed up on the day, having not put its name down to use the track that day.

'We went there, pretty much the first to arrive at the track, with an official and two stop watches,' Porsche's GT product manager Oliver Berg told Motormouth.

'Most of the engineers here know each other,' said Berg, 'Because they’re always testing at the Nürburgring, and there is real camaraderie between them, a nice atmosphere.'

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It was because of that camaraderie that GM let Porsche use the track for an hour during a break for them. Luckily for Porsche however, they didn't need anywhere near an hour to do what they'd arrived to do, which was to lap the German track in under seven minutes.

'When we started the first lap everybody had their mobile phones out,' said Berg. 'Before, when we ran in traffic on a busy day we were in the low sevens, so we thought we could reach the sixes. But then the first lap was – Baam! – six-fifty-nine…'

They had an hour, but they didn't need it. Porsche could pack up and go home, safe in the knowledge that its work was done, but they carried on for a little longer anyway.

'The first thing my boss said was "Oh we can stop now, we’ve achieved our goal."' said Berg. 'And the Corvette guys were just standing there with their mouths on the floor. They didn’t expect us to do that on the first lap.'

'Then, second stint – Baam! – fifty-nine, third stint – Baam! – fifty-nine…'

'Fourth stint – and baam! – fifty six… They’ve been there all week, and we didn’t even need the hour – we left after half an hour. And the Corvette guys are still "Huh?", speechless… But really nice guys.'

So there we have it, Porsche are nurburgring record-breakers once again, thanks to Chevrolet.

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