New study finds nine percent of us clean inside our cars less than three times a year.

One in five British drivers cleans their car’s interior three times a year or less, causing bacteria to thrive in areas such as the boot and driver controls.

That’s the conclusion of a study by car retailer Motorpoint, which found that the average Brit cleans their car’s interior nine times a year. However, 18 percent clean the cabin three times a year or less, while nine percent admit to cleaning their car out twice a year or less.

This is despite the fact that 94 percent of drivers admitted to having eaten or drunk in their car, while 58 percent have carried pets on board.

In a bid to show drivers just how filthy their cars can be, Motorpoint studied 20 key areas of a vehicle interior, which were swabbed and then cultured, allowing the bacteria to grow for five days.

The research showed that the boot was by far the dirtiest area of the vehicle, with the driver footwell, cup holder and seatbelt buttons also gathering germs.

Perhaps surprisingly, the three cleanest areas were the rear-view mirror, the steering wheel rim and the gear lever.

Alison Weatherley, head of marketing at Motorpoint, said: ‘The results were quite revealing and showed that maybe we need to clean our cars a little more often that we currently think is acceptable.

‘Many drivers eat or drink in their vehicle, as well as chauffeuring young children or pets, and these can also have an impact on dirtiness in cars.

‘To avoid excessive grubbiness, we recommend that people action regular car cleaning – both inside and out!’

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