Over a 40-year career, employees cover an average of 451,000 business miles.

Company car drivers spend an average of nearly three years behind the wheel, according to the latest research.

A study of 1,000 company car drivers by Czech car manufacturer Skoda found that the average employee spends two-and-a-half hours a day in the driving seat – the equivalent of 26 days a year. Over a 40-year career, this equates to an incredible two years and nine months behind the wheel.

The study also found that company car drivers complete an average of 235 miles a week, or 451,000 miles in their careers – roughly the same distance as 18 laps of the equator. 

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According to the study, typical company car drivers will lose their tempers 307 times a year, make 355 handsfree phone calls and sip on 614 hot drinks while behind the wheel.

No word in the study on how long business drivers spend in the outside lane of the motorway driving when there are lanes free to the left, but perhaps it's no surprise that  that more than half of company car drivers (52 percent) said they felt as though they lived in their cars.

However, one-third of those questioned (33 percent) said they really enjoyed driving, with one in five claiming it was their only ‘me time’. Seven out of 10 company car drivers (71 percent) said they preferred to drive without passengers, while two in five (43 percent) said driving gave them a chance to think about work and make plans.

Henry Williams, head of fleet at Skoda UK, said: ‘Every year we conduct research into the wants, needs and habits of company car drivers – we know consumer requirements are evolving all the time. The car is more than just a vehicle. For many, it’s a mobile office.’