Own a Kia? The Korean carmaker is at your service.

Kia has launched a service plan that matches its meaty seven-year warranty on new cars – you can now buy a service package from the Korean carmaker that covers a car’s first seven years. 

From 16 April 2018 the newly launched ‘Kia Care’ service plans are available across all of its dealerships. Kia says that the new plans have been developed to provide customers with a wide range of service plan options for any Kia model within the first seven years of the vehicle’s life.

If you want to book fewer services you can still go for a more traditional three- or five-year option, but Kia is now offering the extended deal for cars up to five years old. The service package can be bought at any point in those five years. 

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Hamish McCowan, head of after-sales for Kia UK said: ‘Our Care-3 service plans have been a great success and to be able to expand on these to offer new and existing customers a greater level of options when it comes to servicing their Kia’s beyond the third year of ownership shows the confidence we have in our products and our dealerships.’

Kia says that all of its newly rebranded service plans will now include a pollen/cabin filter change as well as the ability to purchase multiple MOT test fee options at a set price of £35. Full pricing for the Kia Care service plans are available on the Kia website and range from £319 for three services on the Rio, from £329 for the Sportage and from £359 on the Sorento.

The range of service options that you can buy are: 

New cars  
Three services For cars less than 11 months old
Three services For Stinger petrol less than five months old*
Five services For cars less than 11 months old
Six services For Stinger petrol less than 5 months old*
High mileage cars  
Used cars and service customers  
Services two and three  
Services three and four  
Services four and five  
Services five and six  
Services six and seven  
Services four, five and six For Stinger petrol*
Services seven, eight, nine and 10 For Stinger petrol*
Services 11, 12, 13 and 14 For Stinger petrol*
*The Stinger has a service interval of six months