Another day, another Vision Gran Turismo concept..

But wait! This one's actually real! No, you can't buy it, but you can ride in it.

Audi has developed the new Audi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo in conjunction with Formula E, basing it off a concept the German carmaker designed for the popular Playstation game franchise. The whole project took employees at Audi’s pre-production centre 11 months to develop the car from the ground up, and it doesn't just work – it works well.

'E-mobility is rapidly gaining importance,' said Peter Mertens, Audis head of technical development. 'That is why in 2017 Audi was the first German manufacturer to enter Formula E with a factory-backed commitment. In our development laboratory motorsport, we are continuously expanding our expertise in e-mobility and gathering valuable experience also in extremely demanding conditions. With the Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo race taxi we are turning electric mobility into a tangible experience for our customers and guests as part of the Formula E races – in the middle of the world’s metropolises.'

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Audi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo concept

Power comes from three electric motors – two at the rear, one at the front – each with output of 200kW, combining to create 815bhp. The 0-62 run is handled in less than 2.5 seconds thanks to permanent all-wheel drive and a relatively light kerbweight of 1,450kg, which is distributed evenly across the car.

'Although the design of a virtual vehicle allows much greater freedom and the creation of concepts which are only hard to implement in reality, we did not want to put a purely fictitious concept on wheels,' said Audi’s chief designer Marc Lichte. 'Our aim was a fully functional car. The Audi e-tronVision Gran Turismo shows that electric mobility at Audi is very emotive. This car incorporates numerous elements of our new design language such as the inverted single frame in the vehicle’s colour that will be typical for our new e-tronmodels.'

Starting with the Rome ePrix on Saturday 14 April, the Audi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo will serve as a 'Race Taxi' and all Formula E races, taking passengers for laps around the tracks of the all-electric series. Behind the wheel will be ex-DTM driver Rahel Frey and three-times Le Mans winner Dindo Capello.

Gallery: Audi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo concept